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Over our 75 year history, MEL has been instrumental in the development of several applications for zirconium chemicals. Versatility, low relative toxicity and an ability to tolerate high temperatures are some of the major benefits of zirconium chemicals appreciated by users

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The use of zirconium oxides in advanced ceramics is well established, notably for their electrical, wear and heat resistant properties. Our

Chemical Catalysis

Zirconia based materials can be used for a number of catalysis applications.

Diesel & Three way ...

Diesel engines can produce NOx and particulate pollutants; future emission regulations for diesel engines are requiring the development of

Oil Field Industry - ...

Polymers such as guar and guar derivatives are used extensively as gelling agents in hydraulic fracturing fluids. To improve the efficiency of

Paper Coatings

MEL supply the Bacote®, ZirmelTM & XL ranges of formaldehyde-free insolubiliser, for pigmented paper and board coatings;

Reactive Chemicals - ...

MEL Chemicals supplies a range of zirconium based reactive chemicals, suitable for use in various applications including adhesives,

Drinking Water Treatment

The ISOLUX® range is an environmentally safe, highly efficient adsorption media for the removal of heavy metals and other

Waste Water Treatment

The MELsorb® range of products have been developed for waste water treatment.


MEL Chemicals manufactures nanoscale dispersions.

Dialysis (Ammonium ...

At MEL Chemicals we have developed Zirconium based products which are capable of removing ammonium ions from solution.

Sorbents - Carbon Dioxide

The MELsorb® range is used for Carbon capture, an important topic at the moment, besides the traditional end of pipe type reactions,