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MEL Products for Ceramic Applications

The use of zirconium oxides in advanced ceramics is well established, notably for their electrical, wear and heat resistant properties. Our doped and undoped zirconium oxides are vital ingredients in a huge range of industrial and domestic products.

At ambient temperatures, zirconium oxide has a monoclinic crystal phase, but reversible inversion to the tetragonal phase takes place at about 1000°C, in the absence of other components. The metastable tetragonal phase can be stabilised by the addition of a dopant material, such as yttrium or magnesium oxide. This addition will alter the physical properties of the ceramic produced. Please refer to our ceramics brochure for further details.

MELoxTM Doped Ceramic Grades

MEL Chemicals have developed a range of yttria or magnesia doped zirconium oxides The powders are for use in applications such as engineering ceramics, milling media, fiber optic ferrules, oxygen sensors and solid oxide fuel cells. The properties of these grades of oxide make them suitable for tape casting, injection moulding and iso-static pressing techniques. For more information please refer to our MELoxTM Doped Zirconium Oxides page.

Special Ceramic Grades

The MELoxTM SC range of zirconium oxides has been designed for use where a high level of control of physical and chemical properties is required. S, SC30 and SC15 grades are all monoclinic at normal temperatures. Reversible inversion to the tetragonal form takes place at about 1000°C, in the absence of any dopents.

Areas of application include high performance engineering ceramics and oxygen sensors. The chemical route employed in their manufacture ensures that all the SC grades are of high purity. Selection of individual grades will depend on the particle size distribution, chemical purity and surface area required for a given application.

Please refer to our Ceramics Brochure for further details of our Special Ceramic Grades

MELoxTM HP Range

The MELoxTM HP range of zirconium oxide have controlled chemical compositions with transition metal at levels below 5ppm. Zirconium oxide and other oxides of group IVB metals are all colourless; indeed, one of the advantages of zirconium oxide is its exceptionally low absorption in the visible and near UV wavebands.

Our high purity grades are available at two particle sizes; our GL grade at 20 microns and E101 at 1 micron.

Please refer to our Ceramics Brochure for details of our MELoxTM HP range.

MELoxTM E Range

Many electronic components contain zirconium oxide. The MELoxTM E range of zirconium oxides has been designed to meet the raw material specifications of the electronics industry. These grades are all of high purity, with controlled physical properties.

If zirconium oxide is lead zirconium titanate formulation, the high reactivity of the E grade zirconium oxides optimizes zirconate phase formation, and results in products with consistent electronic properties and minimum rejects.

For dielectrics piezoelectric ceramics, E30, E20 and E15 grades normally suffice. Where a highly reactive zirconia is required, E101 grade, with high surface area and exceptionally low silica level, is recommended.

Please refer to our Ceramics Brochure for further details or our Electronic Grades