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Drinking Water Treatment

The ISOLUX® range is an environmentally safe, highly efficient adsorption media for the removal of heavy metals and other contaminants from drinking water, wastewaters and process water streams.

Through the use of patented technology we have developed a range of zirconium based materials which offer excellent adsorption properties and high selectivity for the removal of heavy metals such as arsenic, from drinking water.

Where do you get your water from? Your own well, a private or public water utility company, when is the last time you had your drinking water tested?

Trace contaminants can have harmful health consequences when ingested. In particular, arsenic(III) and arsenic(V) ions can damage the circulatory system or cause cancer and skin lesions. It is common to take for granted that our drinking water is safe. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world this is not the case. There are geological and man-made factors that can contaminate our water sources, whilst having no effect on the appearance or taste.

Utilising MEL Chemicals’ ISOLUX® systems, Arsenic can be removed to well below the safe drinking water limits. Although the World Health Organisation and US EPA have currently set the maximum contamination limit for Arsenic at 10 ppb, our ISOLUX® system will consistently remove Arsenic down to less than 2 ppb.

The ISOLUX® system has proven ability and offers a cost effective and flexible alternative to current ion exchange and adsorption technologies.

The ISOLUX® system is user friendly, requires no specialised engineering, chemical knowledge, or water treatment expertise to install, maintain, or operate. Our specialised cartridge based system is unique to the market and offers exceptional performance combined with outstanding ease of use. We have a dedicated team ready to help with pre-application analysis, system design, system training, and system start up.

Our range of ISOLUX® systems is perfect for everything from medium municipal systems to under the sink household applications.

For more information about the ISOLUX® technology, download our product fact sheets below or to see how the systems work please view our youtube channel.

For enquiries within the USA, please contact one of our distributors, Pumping Services or Applied Process Equipment.

 For technical information or for enquires outside of the USA, please contact

Date of publication: 24 June 2016