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Oil Field Industry - ZircrossTM

Polymers such as guar and guar derivatives are used extensively as gelling agents in hydraulic fracturing fluids. To improve the efficiency of these fluids, crosslinking agents can be added.

MEL Chemicals have launched the range of ZircrossTM materials. Building on over 50 years experience in developing and producing zirconium chemicals, the ZircrossTM products are designed for optimal crosslinking performance. MEL Chemicals can offer security of supply, consistency and the excellent customer service expected from an established bulk chemicals producer supplying into these demanding and often specialised applications.

The use of zirconium based crosslinkers in hydraulic fracturing fluids is well known, especially when a higher level of thermal stability is required. As well as our standard range of materials we work with clients to produce customised materials that can make rapid transition from laboratory to full scale production.

ZircrossTM materials from MEL Chemicals are designed to react with the oxygen rich groups found in guar and guar derivatives. High viscosity, thermally stable gels can be produced at relatively low addition rates.

The thermal stability of the crosslinked gel is important because fracturing fluids often need to operate at high temperatures. The controlled rheology of the system is important to ensure efficient distribution of the proppant into the fracture zone with minimal leakoff.

If you would like more information about our Zircross products, please contact our Technical Team or Commercial Team.