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Sorbents - Carbon Dioxide

The MELsorb® range is used for Carbon capture, an important topic at the moment, besides the traditional end of pipe type reactions, there are many chemical reactions that benefit from CO2 capture.

Sorption enhanced reforming requires in-situ removal of CO2 from reaction media at temperatures about 400-450 ºC. There is a great deal of literature on the subject describing potentially stable carbon dioxide scavenging materials at elevated temperatures, such as metal oxides, alkaline metal carbonates, zeolites and hydrotalcites . At MEL we have developed the MELsorb® range of products for CO2 capture.

Lithium Zirconates

Our MELsorb® range includes modified lithium zirconates, The capture of carbon dioxide on lithium zirconate is based on a reversible solid-gas reaction that occurs in the temperature range 450-550 °C.

Li2ZrO3 + CO2 ↔ ZrO2 + Li2CO3

This ensures high selectivity of separation of CO2 from gaseous mixtures. The reversible reaction starts at temperatures above 650 °C. According to the reaction stoichiometry, lithium zirconate theoretically can take up 28.75 % of CO2 by weight, and our products can achieve very close to this over numerous cycles.

Our unique patented process for the production of modified lithium zirconates also enables a lower temperature sorption of CO2 at 100-150°C of typically 7-10wt% due to physical sorption, this is then desorbed by heating above 300°C.


 The MELsorb® range of hydrotalcites is being developed for the area of CO2 removal at lower temperatures.

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