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Waste Water Treatment

The MELsorb® range of products have been developed for waste water treatment.

The MELsorb® water treatment systems are simple to operate and maintain. The cartridge system requires little training to operate and the systems are designed to allow easy sampling and monitoring of the water quality, while taking up minimal space.

In order to protect the environment, legislation over the quality of effluent water is becoming ever more stringent. Effluent treatment, though a necessary process, places a strain on the manufacturing industry. MEL has been manufacturing zirconium chemicals for over 75 years and has developed the MELsorb system to help industry comply with safety regulations for water containing polluting metal ions and other species.

In addition, MEL recognises that several industries, particularly the electronics and pharmaceutical sectors, require water of high purity for their processing. Trace metal ions and other contaminants can be difficult to remove to very low levels, but the MELsorb system has demonstrated removal of species to below detectable levels.

MEL has supplied systems to a variety of locations and specifications in order to accomodate space-constrained environments. The MELsorb® system effectively removes many metal ions and other species commonly monitored in effluent streams; including Arsenic. To discuss your particular concerns please contact us.

Through the use of patented technology we have developed a range of zirconium based materials which offer excellent adsorption properties for the removal of contaminants such as Arsenic from waste water. Using tailored chemistry we have been able to engineer the zirconium adsorbents into a range of forms, with a wide range of particle sizes..

For more information about the MELsorb® technology, download our product fact sheets and customer case study below or to see how the systems work please view our youtube channel.

For enquiries within the USA, please contact one of our distributors, Pumping Services or Applied Process Equipment.

For technical information or for enquires outside of the USA, please contact

Date of publication: 20 July2016


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