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MEL Chemicals

MEL Chemicals has been manufacturing zirconium chemicals since the 1950´s and has been at the forefront of technology developments in zirconium chemistry. We are headquartered in Manchester in the UK and have R&D and manufacturing on three continents.

MEL Chemicals produces zirconia and zirconium hydroxides, doped zirconias and zirconium salts and solutions (reactive chemicals) in large quantities on multipurpose plants.

MEL Chemicals has a long-established, global reputation for the production of high quality zirconium based chemicals. Our products are used in a variety of applications including automotive catalysis, electronics, structural and functional ceramics, paper production, chemical catalysis, solid oxide fuel cells, water purification and many more.

Details of our product ranges can be found within our Product Range pages. Our products are manufactured both in the UK and the USA and we have a joint venture, Nikkei MEL, in Japan with Nippon Light Metal.

MEL are committed to our customers and have always invested heavily in research and development. This allows us to tailor our zirconia products to customer specifications. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Terms & Conditions

For details of MEL Chemicals' Terms and Conditions of Sale please click here.