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The Luxfer Group: Innovative Solutions in Material Technology

Luxfer is a technology company with operations around the world that work closely with customers to find innovative solutions to their needs for advanced materials, components and gas containment.

The Luxfer Group excells in the development of materials and products for demanding applications, drawing on our unrivalled understanding of the metallurgy and chemical properties of materials in which we specialise.

The Group manufactures products in aluminium, magnesium, titanium and carbon composites; and chemically-derived compounds of zirconium.

Luxfer has pioneered the use of these materials in high-technology industries for more than 70 years, extending properties and enhancing performance of these materials in high-performance applications around the world. Our focus is on demanding applications where our technical know-how and manufacturing expertise combine to deliver a superior product. Increasingly, many of these demanding applications are to be found in growing markets for environmental controls, advanced healthcare technology and the protection of people and property.

Applications for our products include:

  • Improving fuel economy by lightweighting aircraft, trucks, buses, trains and cars.
  • Controlling emissions from road vehicles, converting noxious gases into harmless ones.
  • Removing toxic metals from drinking water and industrial effluent.
  • Improving patient mobility and quality of life with lightweight, portable medical equipment.
  • Protecting people and equipment in conflict situations.

Environmental, healthcare and personal protection applications have been a key focus of our new product development in recent years, generating many new products alongside those produced for our more traditional specialist markets.

Besides MEL Chemicals other divisions within the Luxfer Group include:

Magnesium Elektron Ltd

Luxfer Gas Cylinders


October 3rd 2012 under the ticker symbol "LXFR" Luxfer began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. To find out what todays share price is click here
(Note: Market data is delayed by 20 minutes on the NYSE site)