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MEL Chemicals is committed to the care and protection of the environment. Zirconium chemicals are known for very low levels of environmental risk

Our materials have been developed for use in cleaning up exhaust emissions, removing harmful contaminants from water and gas streams, alternative energy production and providing alternative materials to environmentally harmful process components.

Automotive & Diesel

The MELcatTM range of zirconia based materials is used in three-way and diesel catalysts. MEL Chemicals continues to work to produce successively more effective technology to meet the ever increasing demands for automotive emissions.

Oxygen Sensors

The MELoxTM range of doped zirconia is currently used in the manufacture of automotive oxygen sensors.

Stationary Emissions Abatement

The MELcatTM range of materials can control NOx emissions, in both mobile and stationary engines.

CO2 Capture

The MELsorb® range is used for CO2 capture/removal.

Water Treatment

The MELsorb® range includes an environmentally safe, highly efficient inorganic adsorption system for the removal of heavy metals from water.

Alternative Energy

As traditional, non-renewable, fuel sources diminish, MEL is helping to develop alternative, less environmentally damaging, energy sources. Several of our materials have found use in renewable and alternative energy applications. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Environmentally Safe Chemical Alternatives

MEL manufacturers formalderhyde alternatives for use in paper production.