Mel Chemicals

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MEL Chemicals have been manufacturing and developing zirconium chemicals for over 60 years.

Chemical Catalysis

The MELcatTM range can be used in hydrogenation, oxidation, amination, isomerisation and other catalytic reactions. They demonstrate excellent stability, reducing the economic impact of catalyst change out.

Oil Field

The ZircrossTM range of crosslinkers can be used in drilling applications.

Wear Parts

The MELcatTM range can be used in engineering ceramics.


The MELsperseTM range has a particle range of 10 -100nm.


The MELoxTM range can be used in refractory applications.


The MELoxTM range can be used in lead zirconium titanates.


The ZircrossTM range can be used in inks manufacture.

Coatings and Adhesives

The BacoteTM, ZirmelTM and ZircrossTM range can be used to manufacture of coating formulations for applications as varied as roofs, textiles and food packaging.


The ZircrossTM range can make effective binders for ceramic and catalyst pellets and extrudates. Our range of solutions include zirconium nitrate, zirconium acetate, both as a 20 wt% and 30 wt% ZrO2 solution, and zirconium hydroxchloride solution.


The MELcoteTM range can be used as crosslinkers in coating applications.