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MEL Chemicals manufacture a wide range of inorganic materials. In addition to those shown here, MEL works closely with many of our customers to produce customised products for their particular application. Our large research and development team, with dedicated scale-up expertise, allow for rapid product development and movement to manufacturing scale.

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MELcatTM ...

At MEL Chemicals we have a range of zirconium hydroxides available. These zirconium hydroxides are all amorphous but will crystallise as

MELcatTM ...

MEL Chemicals are able to tailor make our zirconium hydroxides to customer requirements. We are able to dope with a range of elements to alter

MELoxTM ...

MEL Chemicals produce a variety of doped zirconium oxides for a range of applications. Details of our standard grades can be found in our

MELoxTM ...

The MELoxTM range of zirconium oxides are dense, white powders of high chemical purity, which are manufactured by the calcination of

MELsperseTM ...

MEL has developed a range of dispersions for multiple applications.

Reactive Chemicals

MEL Chemicals supply a range of zirconium based reactive chemicals.

Tin Oxide

MEL Chemicals Inc is the USA distributor of Tin Oxides produced by Keeling & Walker Ltd, a global leader in Tin Oxide expertise for ceramic and


The MELsorb® products have been designed for use as high temperature carbon dioxide sorbents. They can also be used for sorption of


ISOLUX® is an environmentally safe, highly efficient inorganic adsorption system for the removal of heavy metals and other