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ISOLUX® is an environmentally safe, highly efficient inorganic adsorption system for the removal of heavy metals and other contaminants from drinking water and process water streams.

ISOLUX® Media is MEL Chemicals´ patented free-flowing powder designed specifically to decrease the concentration of arsenic (V) ions in drinking water applications.

This zirconium based media offers unmatched adsorption performance for both arsenic (III) and arsenic (V) ions in addition to other species.


High adsorptive capacityBroad pH rangeFor some applications, our customers determined that the spent Media was non-hazardous (passed USEPA TCLP and California Wet Tests) but such a non-hazardous designation needs to be verified for individual applicationsISOLUX® 302M Media is NSF 61 certified for drinking water use

Whether you need something that is environmentally friendly, requires short contact time, or provides outstanding removal performance, our ISOLUX® Media can deliver it all. Contact us today to request a sample or learn more about the value we can deliver to your organisation.

For more information about the ISOLUX® technology, download our product fact sheets below or to see how the systems work please view our youtube channel.

For enquiries within the USA, please contact one of our distributors, Pumping Services or Applied Process Equipment.
For technical information or for enquires outside of the USA, please contact

All commercial and development materials comply with relevant REACH and TSCA regulations; any development materials that are not on the TSCA list are supplied for R&D use only under the TSCA regulations.

Date of publication: 20 July 2016