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MELcatTM Doped Zirconium Hydroxides

MEL Chemicals are able to tailor make our zirconium hydroxides to customer requirements. We are able to dope with a range of elements to alter surface, bulk, chemical and physical characteristics.

At MEL Chemicals we have developed a range of proprietary processes for producing doped zirconium hydroxides, the most common dopants being Ce, La, Y, Nd, Pr, Ti, Al, Si, S and W hydroxides and oxides. We also have experience doping with hydroxides and oxides of Fe, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, Li, Sn and many more. 

By use of proprietary techniques MEL Chemicals can lower various impurities in our zirconium hydroxides. Our products can also be calcined at a range of temperatures or to a specific surface area target.

As with many of our other products the specific grade of choice will depend on the chemical and physical properties required for specific application.

For details of our common standard development grade materials or discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.