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MELoxTM Zirconium Oxides

MEL Chemicals produce a variety of doped zirconium oxides for a range of applications. Details of our standard grades can be found in our Ceramics Brochure.

MEL Chemicals MELoxTM doped zirconium oxides are dense powders of high chemical purity, which are manufactured by the calcination of chemically precipitated intermediates. The introduction of dopants via a chemical processing route ensures a homogeneous distribution and enhanced ceramic properties. MEL carefully controls every stage of the manufacturing process and can customise materials to your particular requirements.

MELoxTM Yttria Doped Zirconia

MEL manufactures a range of yttria stabilised zirconias. The addition of yttria to zirconia stabilises the tetragonal and cubic structure of zirconia and lowers the temperature of the tetragonal to monoclinic transformation.

The MELoxTM 3Y materials are designed for use in high performance ceramics where high strength and resistance to wear are required. The tetragonal zirconia polycrystal, TZP, will demonstrate high fracture strength and a transformation toughening mechanism which helps resist crack propagation in a sintered ceramic. Our 3 mol% yttria grade, MELoxTM 3Y, is available as a pressing grade or without binder, and with higher or lower surface area. The MELoxTM grades are manufactured to exhibit excellent flow properties for ease of handling and use in manufacture.

MELoxTM 5Y is designed for the manufacture of oxygen sensors. This material, like the rest of our MELox range, is of high purity and consistent quality. The powder is designed to be sinter active and to flow for ease of handling.

MELoxTM 8Y, is a fully stabilised yttria zirconia grade. The material is suitable for use in applications where consistent ionic conductivity is required, such as solid oxide fuel cells.

MELoxTM Magnesia Doped Zirconia

MEL manufactures three standard grades of magnesia stabilised zirconia. The addition of just over 3 weight % of magnesia will partially stabilise the cubic/tetragonal crystal phase in zirconia, and such materials are referred to as MgPSZ’s. Due to the high purity of MEL’s feedstocks and processes, our MELoxTM MgPSZ grades are pure white in colour. MgPSZ materials are applicable where high strength and resistance to thermal shock are required.

MELoxTM Mg is a submicron grade which is available as a pressing grade or without binder. Similar to our TZP materials, it is manufactured to show excellent flow characteristics and high purity. The material has shown superior properties to alternative, thermally manufactured grades, showing flexural strengths of greater than 600 MPa.

MELoxTM SCMg3 is a coarse grade magnesia doped zirconia. It has an average particle size of around 12 microns and would typically be milled prior to forming.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.