Mel Chemicals

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Regulatory Issues and Business Philosophy

MEL Chemicals follows the Luxfer model as its way forward; using technical know-how and manufacturing expertise to deliver a superior product

MEL Chemicals was bought by the Luxfer Group in 1996. The group consists of several companies; all producing high performance materials.

For more information regarding the Luxfer Group please refer to their corporate website.

For further information regarding MEL Chemicals commitment to quality, innovation and the environment please refer to the information below:

MEL Chemicals' Commitment to Quality

MEL Chemicals' management systems in the UK meet the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001. The company policy is set out below.

MEL Chemicals Inc management system in the USA meets the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO14001. The company policy is set out below.

MEL Chemicals are committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of its key stakeholders by:

  • Offering best value products.
  • Providing industry leading service, quality, delivery and technical support.
  • Providing innovative solutions within minimum timescales for commercialisation.
  • Consistently meeting financial targets.
  • Operating responsibly with due regard to the health, safety and welfare of employees, the local community and the environment.

MEL Chemicals has pre-registered all its products under REACH and is in the process of registering them.

Environmental policy

Click here to view the MEL Chemicals environmental policy.

To download any other MEL policy please refer to the bottom of this page. 


MEL Chemicals operates a stage gate new product development system.

The purpose of the New Product Development (NPD) Process is to:

Ensure new or improved products are rapidly developed to meet customer needs

Enable these new products to be supplied for evaluation and approval by the customer in a timely manner

Ensure that efficient, viable and capable processes for production of the new or improved products are developed

Enable these actions to be carried out and recorded in a structured manner using cross-functional teams.

The New Product Development (NPD) Process is divided up into six stages, each with a Gate Review before the next stage.

  • Concept Initial Idea
  • Stage 1 Outline Plans and Preliminary Investigation
  • Stage 2 Prototype
  • Stage 3 Detailed Investigation - Scale up
  • Stage 4 Optimisation/Validation
  • Stage 5 Continuous Improvement